Saturday, October 08, 2011






samin said...

A great idea for a great man and the most beautiful gift for a avaricious first lady with a missing conscience.

Anonymous said...

How much they have paid in engaging those specialist to draft and prepare the 2012 'super-good' budget. It is merely aimed to use CASH in exchange of VOTES at respective level of people of Malaysia.
1) 1.3 millions of government servants
2) 0.6 millions of government pensioners
3) 1.0 millions of felda settlers
4) 0.93 millions of families who earns less than 3K a month
5) 1.0 millions of security forces

If supposing each person of above catagory be able to influence 3 votes, the ruling party has already captured about l4.49 millions votes in the coming general election.
Therefore the total administration expenditure of 181.6 billions of the budget worth to maintain another 5 years term of government.
It is most unfortunate for those earning above 5K or middle upper groups were left out under 1 Malaysia main principals in the budget. Also the corperate and investors has not given any good news. In conclusion the main purpose of the 2012 budget merely is 'I help you and you help me'

A Parent