Thursday, January 05, 2012




Ten, nine, eight, seven........


Anonymous said...

Let all good people of our country wipe our eyes and watch closely the true faces of the evil wu toon and let guo deen down into the monsoon drain for ever washed out to the South China Sea, Ya Hooooo......

samin said...

Let us sing the victory of the strength of the people in the coming election as the time of reckoning and end of the evil regime for ever.

Anonymous said...

All eyes in ONE
The very specific case of Malaysian judicial annoucement
901 shall be 'black' Monday or a 'free' win-win laughter

Countdown coming 13th general election shall be rigid to the outcome of 901
Shall it be postponed or a snap shot 'God' will help you

The 'day' still finally be annouce
The people needs to be prepare
Who shall be the Winner and Looser
Is all by your smart hands.

A Parent