Wednesday, July 17, 2013








Anonymous said...

What you said is something MCA or Gerakan just WON'T bother, because to them what is more important is Minister. Something which can make them REALLY ... REALLY ... REALLY rich. Look at LLS and some of the big shots.

Ask yourself, all these years, did any of the ex MCA chairman came out to at least say something for our Chinese? NOPE, you don't get to see their ugly faces.

But miraculously they all came out to FUCKK CSL. Why? Because CSL made them loose all the ....opportunities.

So you see, if you have friends or relatives who are still supporting these bastards, please wake them up.

Anonymous said...

Malaysian students are really sad
13 years hard work in school life
Fight for the excellence in the last milestone,
In exchange for a ticket to mission in University !

Disappointments to many talents every year,
They pray and bless to be intake by university in dreams,
Yet failed them for rediculous reasons,
A young heart with ambition to tears !

So called educations to build talents and leaders for tomorrow,
Our people has no choice of his own,
Year after another it repeated,
Obviously the Ministry is inefficient and double standard !

A Parent

Anonymous said...

Now people ask yourself how did this happen and since when?

Well correct if I'm wrong, let me be the first to answer this question. It happened because MCA was fooling (still happening) its own people over lucrative projects from UMNO.

Since when? Well, since day one when 3 of them sold us out 56 years ago.

The main reason that these bastards could fool the Chinese over 56 years is because we were blindly supporting them. But things changed since 308, more and more people are political aware of what is really happen in the land of Boleh. In other words, more and more people will show middle finger to MCA side by side with Gerakan.

Therefore the process of changing Government has already begun 5 years ago and is continuing to progress. It can't be stopped now. Nobody cares if CSL show off his porn CD to gain publicity of WWW15 appears on TV. What we want is change. That's all.