Friday, December 09, 2011









Serene said...

It is very funny but it is the fact.

Anonymous said...

Some man are born to be brave
But many are born to be acting brave
When needs to be brave, many a time they hidden and lost temporary all their braveness !

The dog in the house looks fears
He bugs the strange man
But he shake his tails to same family members !

Look at the magic face actor
He performs in brave and confidence
Each time of changing representing a new face
They are exactly the same to show te people that capable of changing faces at different stage be able to threatern and capture 'VOTES'

However, our intelligence rakyat has learned the tricks
1 Malaysia allow the brave 'man' to grow rich
Others in majority continue to enjoy ikan bilis sambal Malaysia meal !

We must be brave, we ought to be brave, and we will be brave
CHANGE for you and all - Malaysia be better tomorrow !

A Parent

samin said...

It is the same with our state in the east. The smaller partners are nothing more than stooges and faithful servants to the big Boss. Let us see how the squabbles among the broken down tricycle party will lead to. Let the monkey do their puppets act but the Big Boss has the final SAY!

Anonymous said...

what about SUPP?

openforum said...

OH THAT PARTY IS A SPENT FORCE NOW AND THEY ARE JUST FIGHTING TO crave favour from the Boss . It is no longer the poploe's party in the beginning. Now it is utterly rotten and full of greedy corrupt usurpers who have only themselves in mind for more personal gains and wealth and of course power which bring in money like cow dung of the West!

openforum said...

Oop, just a spelling mistake, it should read people instead of poploe's. I would that they are now still fighting among themselves, anyway we voters would not care about their rubbish.