Monday, December 19, 2011





Anonymous said...

It is most appropriate to sweep away the 54 years accumulatd dirts and debris in the coming 13th general election.
The people needs to have a fresh, clean and effective administrator to ensure new inspirations and hope for our new generation.
Continuosly be polluted with Money, arrogant and mal-pratices has resulted drops in KPI, transparency and 1.2 trillions ringgit being washed away in the past 10 years !
CHANGE could bring a new hopes, new talents and concepts for the people, just imagine an old clothes or old shoes were no longer be attractive, effective and supportive but CHANGE looks bright, expectation and full of energetic to benefit the people at large.
You as 'boss' once in every 5 years MUST exercise your right to choose wisely to ensure your government work effectively, clean and people care !

A Parent

Dunfunliu said...

A most appropriate comparison in this present political atmosphere!Let us all exercise our right already curtailed very badly to this final judgement of the traitors of our voters' interest and give them a good thrashing!