Tuesday, October 15, 2013








Anonymous said...

If it wasn't because of the majority retarded voters who voted stupidly, these useless creatures couldn't have ruled the country for more than 5 decades. Soon they will impose GST and together with the high price of oil, everything including the cost of bribery will rise to a stage that the poor will suffocate, whereas the rich will probably buy lesser diamond rings.

Now you tell me who is the victim of the circumstances? The majority of middle class who never stops contributing to income tax department and asking for change, or those who are ineligible of paying taxes and created all these mess? Of course the latter. And who will continue to brainwash these gullible idiots so that they are continuously supporting the demon who used them over their wicked deeds? Who else could it be if it isn't (&^@&@$*)

Is there anything we can do? Oh yes, we have to constantly hammering the species who live in rural area whereby internet is fairy tale to them. These species are poorly educated but worst of all, they are extremely gullible. And the top most unbearable thing is THEY ARE THE MAJORITY. They decide the fate of this country. They turn their lives including ours into hell.

So people, please stop visiting massage center for a while and start travelling to these uncivilized places. Because what you do now will decide the future. Unless you want to die of heart attack.

Anonymous said...

Some of friends told me they believe HE will reform the party and eradicate corruptions. Well, I told them if they start sleeping now until the same day next year, they can't even dream of such incidence. Hoping for something like that to happen isn't miracle, it's fairy tale. Because miracles do happen.

If you are striving for success and hoping for better life in this country. You may consider registering yourself as their cronies. It works faster that way. But more importantly anything you do including committing crimes will be ignored by them, as long as you help them to maintain their political power and status. This is the philosophy of Boleh Land. You can count on it.

I don't know about you people, I'm so shameful of being born in this country. This country is pitiful, humiliating and hopeless. I wish I hadn't being born.

Anonymous said...

The country has been ruled by BN for more than half a century, to be more accurate it is under the supremacy of UMNO and the rest of their component members just merely act as yes man or translator. We have observed their leaders are not elected by majority members but compromise among the few on the top chairs.
The legend of RAHMAN could be ended by present leader and expected to be in a new era by another arrogant leader to be emerge with majority votes in coming VP election. What the nation could be expected from the new line-up for which most of them remain as is and where is with hardly proven as 'great leader with hope'. Malaysia could not be better if their policy and mental altitude saturated in a nutshell without far sighted and new strategy determine for a change.

A Parent