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Anonymous said...

Listen! Listen! Listen! Yes I agree Be End has been abusing their power in oppressing or should I say bullying those who pose threat to them over the years. But look at the current crime rates. Tell me should we tolerate the gunmen? Is Malaysia go back to old time Wild Wild West when people were carrying guns just as we're carrying hand phone nowadays? Why shouldn't the policemen show these bastard the true colour? Don't forget they do have families to take care of too. As far as I'm concerned, all gunmen are deserved to die but never the law enforcers. Not even a single one.

So before we show protest to the new Wild Wild West policy of shoot first talk later, maybe we should question all the previous home ministers about their poor services for leading us to the current situations. Crimes don't grow overnight and certainly don't pay.

Again no matter how much I hate the species who take charge of police department now. I must say, in someway he did the right thing. Say no to crime the same way we say no to Be End. We need a strong personality be it ass hole to lead us to against crimes. We certainly need no fool who only knows how to show Keris but did nothing for the country. No we don't need another ass hole.

Anonymous said...

Imagine if you are a cop, you are paying say not more than 2k per month. And you have several kids (and maybe with the same number of mistress) to take care of.

Now tell me what would you do when you confront the most rotten creatures in the world came to you with weapons? Will you risk your life because you have to follow the rules? Or will you protect yourself first before you could serve the country and your family (sometimes families)?

All I want to say is, this country already corrupted for decades and because of that any rules come up will not win the heart of the citizen. Why do we have to shoot first ask later when the situations aren't that worst? Who should be responsible? What about all the previous home minister INCLUDING those who started the culture of "you help me, I help you". Who was the Prime Minister that allow bribery and brought us to this situation that people don't trust cops anymore.

When you ask anybody if they trust cops in terms of bribery. Surely you will get the answer of NO can't trust them because they are as corrupt as the politicians. This is true, people don't trust something they should have anymore these days. And now we get to see a previous PM who created all the mess and is now talking nonsense. He should be ashamed of himself for making this country the most corrupted nation in the world. Malaysia will not win any gold metal in Olympic but when it comes to corruption, no problem, we are leading the world in such a despicable act.

But then again WHO voted these useless people for more than 50 years if they aren't DUMB? Who FAILED to understand why this country needs changes for their own sake? Who brought us to this stage that everybody lives in misery? You know the answer well. It proves if you are living in a country which is made up of nothing but a bunch of idiots, be prepared to abandon it or accept the pain. No other way. Because of that, idiocy is more deadly than any sickness ever attacked mankind. So, do you want to be dumb?

Anonymous said...

When gun shots became as common as firecracker in this country. When any of you suddenly stops worrying of your own safety for one day and finding it odd, unusual and abnormal. When criminals (particularly those who born in Indonesia) already outnumbered the local cops and they finally form their own political parties and contest in the next General Election with the logo of pirates of the caribbean. When people are constantly competing with each other over the number of times they have been robbed and have to update in the smart card just for a record. When safety becomes something far, fiction and impractical to the local citizen.

When you discover any of the above symptoms, go to the nearest country or contact the united nation and ask for protection. BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE.

Anonymous said...

Many times, I get to hear people (especially idiots) are saying the reason why our neighbor Singapore is excellent than us is because they are small and easily managed.

According to the logic of these retards, the smallest the country is, the more success it should be. Meaning if we compare our country with big nation like China, America or maybe Japan then we should beat them in terms of everything. Because we have lesser population. And our land is small and I mean really really so small that one needs magnifying glass to discover this country in world map.

But then again when it comes to the title of the champion in corruption among all the most corrupted countries. We are the best.

After more than 50 years of Be End managing the country. Look back, which are the things that make you proud when you are talking to foreigners (I don't mean Bangladeshi nor Indonesian maids)? I don't know about you, but as for me. I AM TOO ASHAMED to tell the world that this country will go bankrupt sometime around 2020. Maybe that is the main purpose of Wawasan 2020. It is meant for the success of all the cronies and corrupt ministers in terms of wealth and higher income. As for those who wake up early in the morning to work their ass out in the padi field and rubber plantation. Please! Don't curse and blame anybody, you reap what you sowed. You voted them based on your own ignorance. You have been stupid and this is the price you have to pay. Eat it.

Anonymous said...

PEOPLE, I'm so sorry for misleading you. The truth is, there is NO corruption in this country and will never happen. I am saying this because if there is any, the MACC would have known and they will tell us and would have had taken action against the culprits long long time ago before the situation got worst.

Yes I apologize to all the cronies of Be End and this country. I was wrong about you. I should have trusted you more. Damn I must have been reading too much of PR's propaganda in defaming you.

And now I promise myself I will support BN with all my heart. I will vote for the deep blue only be it MCA or MIC. Because who could deny the SUCCESS of BN in turning us into the biggest gag of the world. Don't tell me you DON'T enjoy the current inflation rate? Tell me if you aren't proud of the missing engines in our warplanes? What about those 2 unsinkable luxurious submarines. Tell me you aren't proud of them. I do, I really really do.

Now where is my project?