Sunday, October 27, 2013






Anonymous said...

So when all prices gone up except for wages, who should feel pressure and who should be the victims? Yes the low income communities who voted for the current government, these are same people who believe Be End will guarantee their future, they also hate anybody who opposes them, not knowing that they are the true victims. They created the monster who tortures them constantly for more than 50 years.

As for Be End ... that's ok. They're always good at shifting the blame on other race. And the dumb will believe wholeheartedly. So you see what goes around comes around is true, the dumb voted for the slugs and reap what they sowed. Don't worry about Be End, it will wait for their turn to reap their wicked seeds soon.

Should we sympathize the dumb for living in the pains which they chose? Or should we sympathize for ourselves for living with the dumb which created the miseries for us?

Anonymous said...

Sometimes, the smarter one becomes, the more that person will suffer. Especially when the situation is entirely lying in the hands of idiots. This is getting obvious the more we understand what is happening in our country.

There are many things we can't predict in this world. To figure out when the idiots will wake up is one of them. They are the majority and they govern our fate. They decide why we all must cover up our faces whenever we travel abroad. Of course it's embarrassing to reveal our nationality to foreigners. Will anybody feel proud of telling others he or she comes from a nation with absolutely screwed up judiciary and severely rotten government? I don't, do you?